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Birds: Divine MessengersLilac Breasted Roller
The bird kingdom is a symbolic representation of the spiritual nature of man

Birds: Divine Messengers
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Birds : Divine Messengers

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"An extraordinary look at the divine teachings of birds".
Independent Publishers Group, Chicago

Did you know birds bring messages of divine guidance? Birds, like traditional angels, bring messages of wisdom and advice at a time when we most need to hear guidance.

Unlike traditional angels, each bird brings its own specific message. For example, the message a crow brings is CHANGE, the message a duck brings is FAITH, and the message a lark brings is HEALING. The bird with the most relevant message that will help guide us at any given moment will make itself known in some way. This may be through a dream, by a garden bird or pet bird displaying unusual behaviour towards us, or even by a picture of a bird on a card sent to us. Once the particular message is understood, it is important to apply the guidance to our lives, because it has been divinely given to us to help us on our spiritual journeys.

The duck's message is "Faith"Nature is our greatest spiritual teacher, for Nature's wisdom is Divine wisdom. Birds, as a part of the natural world, act as divine messengers by also teaching us timeless Universal principles, spiritual truths and divine wisdom - the tools and ideals we need to know as we move along our spiritual paths. As natives of the ground and air, birds teach us that we can rise above any obstacle presented to us in life; birds teach us the importance of viewing things from a higher perspective; birds teach us the need to ground our ideas, otherwise they can lead to flights of fancy; birds' use of coloured feathers teach us the Law of Attraction; birds' eggs teach us that life is continuous with no beginning and no end; birds' feathers teach us about the nature of the soul; and much, much more….

  • Discover the messages of nearly a hundred different birds from around the world.
  • Discover the different ways birds bring their messages.
  • Discover how to apply these messages to your life.
  • Discover the significance of having a surname of a bird.
  • Discover the significance of keeping a pet bird.
  • Discover the archetypes attached to the messages.
  • Discover how birds teach us Universal principles, Divine wisdom and spiritual truths.

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