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Andrea was born and bred in a small village in Kent on the outskirts of London. After attending the local convent school and then grammar school, she trained as a Chartered Physiotherapist at Guy's Hospital in London.

After graduating with distinction, Andrea worked in hospitals in London and Kent before emigrating to South Africa 20 years ago. She has worked in private clinics in Johannesburg, and has had her own physiotherapy business for the last 12 years, specializing in backs and necks.

Since her early professional days, Andrea often found she "picked up" the emotional causes of a patient's condition, but went through many years of being reluctant to tell the patient for fear of losing her credibility as a medical professional and her good name with doctors. For the last few years, however, with more people open to alternative therapies, she hasn't held back on her impressions, and counselling has become an integral part of her work. She has studied energy medicine for the last 15 years, incorporating it into her physiotherapy work, and she also works as a hands-on-healing practitioner.

Andrea has always had a love for nature, but it was through a patient she was treating a couple of years ago that made her aware of the spiritual aspect of birds. This patient had unusual encounters with birds, all in the spate of one weekend, and on asking Andrea what the birds were trying to tell her, led Andrea into the research and subsequent discovery of the valuable teachings of birds and their divine messages.

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